Saturday, May 12, 2012

all about us

time seems to pass by so pantas
leaving the story of us behind
there won't be your laughter 
to kiss away all the lonliness in my heart anymore
there was story about me and her, in the old day when we were still together
there was strory about good  old time,when we always share either happiness or sadness
i remember when we laughed at everything  and talking about everything
the moment i speak 
mybe this be the last time ,just let everything go
i am sure this is the right time,
mybe you're not  the person who your were
mybe that felling is gone entah kemana
when we meet agin someday
satu jak i mintak jangan pnh tyk
apa nak i penah rasa yg i pnh simpan smpey mati
and  moment nak penah kita shared 

17  april 2012
untill this day
i late you go forever 
 and what you have taken from me everything in the world
hope you be hsppines dgn your new boy
have a nice day~

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